Alexander Technique W9

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Alexander was an actor who, in finding a solution to his problem of hoarseness, discovered principles and processes which are relevant for us all in how we live our lives.

We can use what he discovered to improve our quality of life and bring flexibility, freedom and ease of movement in all that we do.

This course can give you practical experience in how to apply these principles and processes in the simple activities of daily life and in more specialised activities such as sport, drama, dance and music performance.

The Interactive Teaching Method for the teaching of the FM Alexander Technique (ITM) was established in 1993. The ITM is an international organisation composed of a network of Alexander Technique teachers with a unique educational approach to teaching FM Alexander’s work. Alexander’s work is for anyone who is interested in gaining long-term success by learning new ways to think, move and live while enjoying a fulfilling blend of challenge, curiosity and fun.

Through our teaching methods, we create an environment and support structure in which people can learn how to develop and flourish mentally and physically. The effectiveness of the ITM approach is based on an intensive study of the concepts of Frederick Matthias Alexander, whose personal focus was the search for the means of helping every single person to realise his or her full potential.

The ITM approach combines Alexander’s ideas with cutting-edge educational processes and modern medical discoveries to create a powerful tool for personal growth and self-development.

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Mary is also a graduate of Don Weed's first Trainer Training course (2012-2016) and is now a trainer herself.
Class begins Wednesday 28-09-2022 at 19:00 - 20:00 in room BO59. The classes run for 10 weeks.
Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing so you're able to move easily.