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Ballroom Latin and Jive (Including Country Jive Class) Beginners M6

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This class is for people who have someone then can partner with for the dance class. Jive classes are taking Irelands dancefloors by storm ! East Coast Swing Jive which is made up of both Single or Triple Step styles is a social partner dance made up of 4, 6 or 8 beat patterns. Swing Jive is the easiest of the partner dances to master and most people can pick up and move to figures even in their first class. Dancing to Swing, Irish Country & Rock N’Roll Music  this class is suitable for both Beginner & those who want to learn more steps, improve their footwork and rhythm counts.

Two left feet ? No problem ! Over the duration of the courses, steps  are broken down so that you will learn the steps to dance in a fun and friendly environment. With course progression you will learn advanced figures in a way that can be naturally linked together using  ballroom dance and jive (swing, country and rock n’roll) rhythms.

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I am Dancing Derek (a.k.a Derek Long) and I set up in April 2005 as a freelance mobile Ballroom Dancing Tutor. “Dance isn’t something that can be explained in words; it has to be danced.” I have always liked to dance but never attended any type of formal training as a child, However, as an adult, while attending college during September 2000, I tried a class in Ballroom dancing and was immediately hooked. It felt great to dance and I was pretty good at it too! Little did I know it was the beginning of what would become my “dance career”! Soon dancing became a passion and an integral part of my life, leading to lots of practice and social dancing. To date, I have trained in Ballroom, Latin American, Classical (Old Time) Dancing and have received numerous certifications in Ireland and the United Kingdom including Associate International Dance Teachers Association(A.I.D.T.A.) Associate United Kingdom Alliance Teachers of Dancing (A.U.K.A)
Class begins Monday 23-01-2023 at 19:30 - 20:30 in the Stage Area (SA). The classes run for 10 weeks.
Bring a bottle of water and a someone you can partner with for the dance class.