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Basic DIY

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This course is for everyone who wishes to become more competent with basic DIY skills within the home, from shelving to basic plumbing.

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Cathal O' Conaill

I'm Cathal OConaill, a former maintenance manager with experience in diverse settings, ranging from computer manufacturing to bakery operations and mail sorting machines. Throughout my career, I've been a hands-on individual. In my leisure time, woodworking has been a preferred outlet for relaxation and unwinding. Wood, being a versatile and forgiving medium, has allowed me to cultivate my hobby, starting from a time with minimal tools to now having acquired some nice toys.

I get great satisfaction in assisting others in realizing their capabilities. Given the opportunity and a bit of guidance it can be exciting to see how much people can achieve

This class runs for 8 weeks from 6.30pm -8pm, commencing Tuesday the 24th of September. Classes will not run through mid term breaks or Bank holidays.

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