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Button Accordion (BC) Beginners T10

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We will begin with the basic scales to familiarise yourself with the buttons. We will then progress onto some basic tunes in the key of D, C and G.

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My name is Anne F. Foley. I have been playing the button accordion for approximately 15 years now. I learnt how to play the button accordion as a “total beginner” I am still learning fifteen years later. Music has given me such great pleasure and enjoyment and I really love this pastime. There is a great social side to it as well. I have met and continue to meet wonderful friends through the joy of music. My repertoire includes polkas, jigs, slides, marches, set dances, slow airs and reels etc. My motto is, it is never too late to learn an instrument regardless of age!
Class begins Tuesday 05-09-2023 at 19:00 - 20:00 in room CBO49. The classes run for 8 weeks.
You will need a BC Box Accordion.