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Disability Awareness Training T9

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This highly interactive course is suitable for anyone with an interest in increasing an awareness of disabilities either on a personal or professional level. Participants will gain a greater level of awareness of the etiquette surrounding disabilities and will have the opportunity to evaluate their own practices of inclusion.

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Deirdre has worked in healthcare for over twenty years. She has a Higher Diploma in Facilitating Inclusion in Disabilities, a diploma in psychology, a diploma in disability studies and a certificate in Irish Sign Language. Deirdre has personal experience of having a disability and is the parent of two children who also have disabilities. Deirdre runs AbilityWise which provides Disability Awareness Training to businesses, clubs and schools. In this role, she has also worked as a Disability Sensitivity Reader for Amazon bestselling authors to ensure the accurate portrayals of literary characters who have a disability.
Class begins Tuesday 05-09-2023 at 19:00 - 21:00 in room CBO49. The classes run for 4 weeks.
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