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Feng Shui Your Life T8

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This six-week course is about creating an abundant flow of prosperity and blessings into your life using the techniques and tools of Feng Shui. In times where we are bombarded with ideas of recession and lack,  these tools are invaluable to help you create an abundant career, a flow of money and a wealth of blessings.


This course on Feng Shui is simple and clear so you know what to do to create greater wealth and support in each area of your life using the things and intentions you already have.


This is for anyone who is willing to take inspired action towards joyful living and making your dreams a reality.


You will learn:


– Introduction to Feng Shui

– De-cluttering & Where to Start

– How to use a Compass for Feng Shui

-How to divide your house into 9 Guas (sections)

-Intentional Feng Shui for the various different areas of your home and the placement of certain items which will enhance and support you.

– House/Space Clearing of your Home

-Creating and Writing Affirmations

-Learning how to make Salt Cures

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Fiona Finn is a Feng Shui Consultant based in Cork, Ireland. Her sole purpose is to facilitate people from problems to possibilities to create harmony and the life they truly desire. Originally trained as an Architectural Technician, I see the world differently to most people. ‘I love houses, I love homes, I love Happy homes! I love how using the practice of Feng Shui can bring so much peace, joy and success to your life!’
Class begins Tuesday 05-09-2023 at 19:00 - 20:30 in room CBO49. The classes run for 6 weeks.
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