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Hatha Yoga M7

8 weeks
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16 students

Learn to breathe better and improve mobility, strength and balance. Includes postures such as downward dog, tree and warrior. Suitable for beginners and anyone looking for a class that is not too vigorous. Please bring your own mat, blanket and cushion. 

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I have been practicing yoga since a young age and teaching it since 2020. My teaching style is gentle and calm. I try to keep my classes simple and accessible. I encourage my students to always listen to their bodies and not push themselves too much. I understand that everybody is unique and always try to offer different variations for postures to suit different people. I also encourage my students to focus on how they feel while practicing yoga and not worry too much about how they look.
Class begins Monday 22-01-2024 at 18:30 - 19:30 in the Fitness Suite FS. The classes run for 8 weeks.
Please bring your own mat.