Hatha Yoga for Seniors

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A general Hatha Yoga class for older adults. Relax your body and mind and improve mobility, strength and balance. Includes breathwork, gentle movement for the whole body and relaxation. Please bring your own mat, blanket and cushion.


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Katie Joyce

I have been practicing yoga since a young age and teaching it since 2020. My teaching style is gentle and calm. I try to keep my classes simple and accessible. I encourage my students to always listen to their bodies and not push themselves too much. I understand that everybody is unique and always try to offer different variations for postures to suit different people. I also encourage my students to focus on how they feel while practicing yoga and not worry too much about how they look.

This class runs for 10 weeks from 2pm to 3pm, commencing Wednesday the 25th of September. Classes will not run through mid term breaks or Bank holidays.
Comfortable clothes