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Yoga some experience “Vinyasa Flow” M14

10 weeks
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If you are familiar with some Yoga poses, this class has a moderate rhythm to go deeper into your practice, always keeping the awareness of your body.

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Hi, my name is Ghislain. I'm a Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, Pilates, Capoeira, and Fitness instructor. I have been living in Ireland for 16 years. I have my Yoga studio and school here in Cork. I found that Yoga can be very beneficial in improving posture and relieving back and joint pain. Also, how using the breath can balance our nervous system. That's why I love to share the benefits of Yoga.
Class begins Monday 16-01-2023 at 20:00 - 21:30 in the Fitness Suite FS. The classes run for 10 weeks.
Please bring your own mat.